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What does good digital & IT looks like in SME businesses
The FluidIT Maturity Framework

What does good digital & IT look like in SME businesses?

The guide is written in plain English for non-technical directors and managers with responsibility for IT.

The accompanying Framework is a means to benchmark the business’s current level of digital and IT maturity and set operational targets.

It’s aimed at SME businesses who either don’t have in-house IT or a limited department, who don’t have the budget of larger competitors and are looking for ways to extend and improve their existing technology.

It includes:

  • 360 degree view of everything the non-technical director needs to consider from managing cyber security risks to opportunities for technology-enabled growth

  • Case studies from northern SME businesses like Whitby Seafoods, Checkmate Fire Solutions and ZyroFisher

  • A guide to using the accompanying FluidIT Maturity Framework.

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