Free 1-hour digital & IT surgery

Strategic advice on leveraging technology to drive business growth

Our free surgeries invite members of your organisation to discuss digital & IT challenges they face in their roles.

Book an expert at a time that suits you.



One-to-one whereby patients will be encouraged to highlight and describe their pitfalls

We’ll aim to find the root cause of the problem, providing actionable insights to soothe your pains


Some hurdles are quick fix, others take time. We’ll help identify tactics you can apply post-surgery

Your organisation may benefit from our online surgeries if you: 

  • Lack strategic digital and IT advice, knowledge and know-how at the board level
  • Are struggling with inefficient manual processes, lack of data insights, or systems not fit for purpose, but don’t know what to do about it or where to start
  • Are concerned about your IT and system supplier’s performance and capability, but don’t know how to challenge or improve it
  • Want to keep abreast of new technologies and digital trends but don’t have the time
  • Feel worried about the ability to deliver IT-enabled change projects on time & budget
  • Want to take advantage of the technical knowledge of an external IT specialist without needing to make any financial commitments

Would someone else in your organisation benefit from a free 1-hour digital & IT surgery?

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