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The Fluid Maturity Framework

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The Directors’ guide to leading digital transformation

Find out what good looks like for your company

We use this framework as a starting point with our clients. It informs our conversations and helps directors figure out what technology can do for their business. 

Whether you're looking at buying a CRM system, improving data reporting or increasing security, this is where to begin.

You can use it to benchmark your company’s maturity levels across systems, security, data and digitalisation. Take it to your leadership team for informed discussions on priorities for technology investment.



Read the guide, score your business, set your targets. You've got this.

The framework covers:

  • Strategy, change delivery and governance
  • System capability and scalability
  • Business processes
  • Data, insight and integration
  • Cyber security and GDPR
  • Infrastructure, resilience and disaster recovery
  • Supplier capability and vendor management
  • Software development, IT policies, operations and support


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