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“Having the IT Director as a Service was attractive, someone who would get to know us and guide us, and who we could call on whether five hours a week or whatever was needed. It meant we didn’t have to hire someone full-time or learn it ourselves.”

John Housego, Managing Director, Aquascot

The importance of a holistic modern IT team

Modern IT capabilities are often the engine of change in your organisation.

  • IT enables you to get ahead of the competition with technical enablement
  • IT enables you to react quickly to business opportunities
  • IT brings efficiencies to your operation, saving you money and allowing you to do more with less
  • A modern IT team aligns seamlessly with your business strategy, empowering and accelerating growth
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How to prioritise for your team

Where to start when building your team

You need your IT team to do these things

  • ensure business continuity
  • manage tech systems and suppliers
  • use technology to improve internal efficiency
  • use technology to engage with your customers
  • dig into all the data, delivering valuable business insight
  • scan the horizon for new tech-enabled business opportunities
  • make sure you meet regulatory obligations

What does a modern IT function look like?

The increasing importance of technology to businesses means that SMEs who want to get ahead of the competition require a modern IT function, capable of partnering with the business and harnessing cloud technology to drive innovation and achieve transformational growth.

Build your own team

For the successful modern IT team you need the right blend of skill sets to achieve the business objectives.

Specialists are quick, efficient and expert, allowing your team to work to their strengths.

IT Director

Aligns the technology and digital needs of your organisation with your strategy, and then leads the contribution required of IT

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Project Manager

Manages the details of both technology and business change required to ensure that clearly defined business change objectives are met

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Business Analyst

Elicits and documents the changes required by the business in order that the business objectives are met

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Solutions Architect

Designs and manages how technical systems and data are connected to support the business processes

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Creates new and changes existing software to support the business processes

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Test Manager

Checks that changes to new and existing software continue to meet business expectations and don't introduce unexpected errors

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Infrastructure Engineer

Ensures that commodity technology is correctly deployed, maintained and secured

Service Manager

Ensures continuity of IT service to deliver optimal performance of business processes

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Digital transformation is about business strategy.

It involves meaningful business change towards empowering your people, optimising processes and accelerating your company’s ambitions with technology.

Digitisation, Digitalisation and Digital Transformation

We’re going back to basics.
In this blog we define the terms, highlight examples in manufacturing today and share tips and tools to get started.

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The perfect person


IT Director to join your board, review, prioritise and build your strategy
Do you know what you need? Pick a specialist to augment your team.


Essential IT Strategy & Delivery

£3,500 - £5000

Enhance your SLT with up to 2 days per month of an IT Director who will get to thoroughly know your business, then utilise up to 4 days per month from a range of specialists to augment your teams delivery capability


Complete IT Strategy & Delivery


Access a full range of expert technology and digital resources as part of your team , 10 days per month, planned 3 months rolling with a monthly review

For the cost of one permanent IT Director, you can have access to all the skills in a fully stocked modern IT department, and always have a named director overseeing the resource


Digital Transformation Team

Fully bespoke

With the right experts in the right place at the right time you can improve efficiencies in your processes and allow the results to be realised much faster.

Pick any member of our team for as little or as much as you need, and dial the resource up or down to fit your delivery plans. Planned 1-3 months in advance

Case Studies

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IFS implementation in iconic Yorkshire food and drink business Betty’s and Taylors

“Fluid understood our requirements and our collaborative culture and approach. There wasn’t that sense of us and them”

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Award-winning fish processing firm Aquascot partnered with Fluid to realise their smart factory ambitions.

“From the first meeting there was a strong sense of honest appraisal of our situation and trust built very rapidly”