The digital and IT review

A digital and IT assessment will help prioritise the very best of your people, processes, and technology.

IT opportunities and risks don't stand still. If it's been a while since you reviewed whether your IT response is appropriate for your business it might be time for an objective assessment from an experienced IT professional.


“Its been an absolute pleasure working with Fluid on this digital review, the Fluid team have been brilliant and we felt they really listened to us and worked with us to develop a roadmap that addresses what this business really needs”.

Jackie Lindsay, CEO, Routes Healthcare

Know where you're at,
where you need to go,
and how to get there.

If you're unsure whether your IT response is appropriate for your business then you will benefit from a review against best practice to provide you with a objective evaluation of what your current IT maturity levels are.

A review will help you understand if you are at a maturity level appropriate for your business, key gaps, and what priorities you should focus on. It will give an insight into what skill sets and capabilities you need to get there, and how to maintain that level going forwards.


Do you know what good
digital looks like?

"I really appreciated getting a full picture, from an unbiased perspective, of exactly where the business was in terms of platforms, software and hardware, and the associated risks and opportunities."


Tom Ainscough, Director of Operations and IT, ZyroFisher

Digital review and business roadmap with the UK's leading cycle industry distributor ZyroFisher

Fluid partnered with ZyroFisher deliver a digital review and business system roadmap to support business growth.

Find a review that works for you


Know your maturity

Always free

A free PDF takeaway of our maturity model for those of you who want to follow and benefit from the methodology yourselves, at your own pace.

Download the self serve Maturity Framework


Guided maturity analysis


Assess your business' current technology capability against Fluid's Maturity Matrix.

A structured conversation with an expert around how digital and information technology supports your business, identifying broad areas for improvement.


Your top priorities


Gain peace of mind that your technology focus is aligned to key business drivers.

A deeper review, conducted by an IT management expert, examining in context the use of technology across your organisation


An in depth IT review


A deep dive into your business, how digital and information technologies can empower your organisation, along with a plan for making that happen.

Evaluating both your business processes and the current technology support footprint will surface opportunities for business transformation and growth through better technology adoption and innovation. It will also allow for a comprehensive understanding of your current IT capabilities and risks, and of priorities for mitigating them, using our IT maturity framework.


The FLUID review

Fully bespoke

An agreed and documented visual representation of your business strategy, along with a tightly-aligned digital and technology implementation plan for achieving it.

This engagement is strategy-led. Our team works with your management to drive out your overall business strategy, and then takes any digital and IT tactics and determines detailed implementation plans for them. This delivers not only the Gold outputs, but an IT and digital delivery plan that is tightly aligned to your documented strategic intentions.

Fluid Maturity Framework

The Fluid Maturity Framework

We use this as a starting point with our clients. It’s available free to help you benchmark your company’s maturity levels across systems, security, data and digitalisation.

Case Studies


Award-winning fish processing firm Aquascot partnered with FluidIT to realise their smart factory ambitions.

"From the first meeting there was a strong sense of honest appraisal of our situation and trust built very rapidly"


Whitby Seafoods’ activated their digital transformation through several lightbulb moments.


"There was a lot of enthusiasm and people came away with engagement in the process and commitment to implement it"

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