Custom digital solutions

Custom digital solutions are a low risk way to rapidly fix specific business problems. By digitalising one process you build an affordable custom solution with immediate benefits.

Custom digital solutions complement and integrate with existing systems and support your business’s continuous improvement.


"Fluid understood from day one the bespoke aspects of our business and were able to give us what we needed through the wizardry of modern technology.

The solution was built around our needs rather than the capabilities of an ‘off the shelf’ solution."

David Woffendin, Chief Operating Officer, Checkmate Fire

Build momentum, happiness and efficiencies

Custom digital solutions are ‘no regrets’ projects. They are low risk, affordable and deliver immediate relief from pain and frustration.

Spreadsheet empires, manual paper-based processes and repetitive data entry tasks are all unnecessary headaches.

Custom data dashboards, user-friendly apps that collect data and manage processes and automated manual tasks are all ways point solutions improve efficiency.

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Digital Solutions for manufacturers

"Louise and the team helped map out and transform our purchasing process, introducing discipline, control and automation. This has shaved days off our month-end process and instilled more confidence around cost cost control in the business."

Peter Rudge, Chief Financial Officer, Checkmate Fire

Custom digital solutions with Checkmate Fire

Fluid supported the business's growth strategy with digital solutions to surface data, integrate systems and automate processes.

Make the best informed decisions

This sample sales report is custom-built to answer key business questions:

Where am I losing most of my profits? How have our products performed?

Click around the report to find answers.

How you can digitalise business processes

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Data dashboard for real-time reporting

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Automate manual office processes

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Digitalise a production sheet

“Capturing and processing data is vital, but ensuring data quality and setting KPIs aligned to the business strategy is what delivers real benefit.”

Digitisation, Digitalisation and Digital Transformation

Fluid supported the business's growth strategy with digital solutions to surface data, integrate systems and automate processes.

Drive performance with point solutions that work for your business


The art of the possible

Always free

Video workshops showcase the art of the possible with modern, low-code technologies that digitalise common manual processes.

Watch the demo videos


Expert-backed validation


Expert-backed guidance about your business problems and goals.

We'll validate your current solution and give you the information you need to decide on a custom solution to get started.


Ready-to-go solutions

£3,500 - £10,000

A tried and tested solution to bring value and insights to a business area.

We'll implement one of our tried and tested solutions to immediately boost the productivity of a sector of your business.


Fully tailored solutions


A validated and bespoke solution complete with user training.

We'll gather requirements, develop, test and deploy a solution to solve your specific problem with minimal disruption across all sectors of your business.


Centre of Excellence

Fully bespoke

A training plan, one-to-one sessions with a developer, and support with governance so you can produce and maintain the solution completely in house.

We'll deliver the outcomes over a longer time period and while upskilling a member of your team from our Centre of Excellence.

Digital Solutions Masterclass

Custom solutions are a low risk, fast and affordable way to improve existing technology and extend the life of core systems.

The webinar is a 45-min lunchtime watch and includes three demos.

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Case Studies

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Custom app automates data entry for UK-wide training provider

Fluid built an app that saves Back 2 Work Complete Training 140 hours a week in manual data entry.

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Digitalising a production line counter and BI solutions at Mailway

Fluid built a workflow and BI solution to populate data dashboards for real time analysis, by multiple users across multiple lines, sites and shifts.

Blog articles

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How Checkmate Fire made their data work for them

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Are you making the best informed business decisions?

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Using edge technologies to get more out of your existing systems