Software implementation

Introducing new software can be disruptive, time consuming, and isn't something you usually do.

New software takes time to bed in and be effective. Making the right decision and achieving timely implementation is critical to success.


“We did an assessment that showed any one user working on their daily activities was across three to four systems. The most we had for one user was seven systems, just to do their day to day job”.

Johanne McKee, Systems Programme Manager
in Group IT
, Betty’s and Taylors Group

Keep your software project
on time, on budget,
and realise the benefits.

Getting off to a good start is critical to the time and cost of system delivery. You’ll need the right skills at hand to ensure smooth running, achieve the scope, the range of new functions, and accomplish your original goals - those business benefits in efficiency, productivity, and scale.

Great software implementation is about people, then process and finally the technology. Done well, your software implementation will be on time, on budget and deliver the scope, benefits and overall value to the business.


The top three governance docs all good project managers use

Assemble your team

For successful system implementation the essential team is a project sponsor, a business analyst, and a project manager.
The project sponsor is your decision-maker. We can add our strength to the team.

The business analyst

  • Engages the business and secures their buy-in
  • Elicits accurate business requirements
  • Considers what’s optimal for your people and processes

A good BA won’t tell you the solution straightaway.

The project manager

  • Keeps the project on track
  • Builds and manages great relationships with suppliers
  • Analyses risks to prepare for any setbacks

Elevate yourself to decision-maker and gain control and visibility from a good PM.

“Moda has grown so quickly, it wasn’t just the technology piece we needed to address it was optimising business processes, coordination and project management. Fluid helped with a considerable amount of that."

Adam Khalel, Ecommerce Manager, Moda Furnishings

Optimising customer experience with a fast-growing furniture retailer

Moda Furnishings partnered with Fluid on a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system spec, select and implementation, plus delivery of a 3D space planner and Augmented Reality (AR) visualisation web app.

Gain visibility and control of your software implementation


Project governance

Always free

You’re a grafter used to taking on additional responsibility.

These templates help you activate a project, keep it on track and manage risks and issues.

Download the top three governance docs all good PMs use


Guided 'spec & select'


Choosing the right software is a big decision.

We’ll help you plan your approach with advice on how to spec and select the right solution for your business.


Project assurance

£3,500 - £10,000

Elevate yourself to decision-maker by adding our strength to your team.

We’ll help you plan the approach, understand your business requirements and ensure you're set up for success.


Complete project lifecycle


We take responsibility for delivering the project and designing the system architecture to integrate your new solution into your application set.

We’ll migrate the data to ensure the new system, or Point of Arrival, is complete with validated data from Point of Departure (the old system).

We test the plan and the approach to ensure the solution meets all requirements.


Strategic project lifecycle

Fully bespoke

We deliver the project, system architecture and integration, data migration, testing, and on top provide a holistic business change service.

We’ll supply training so the team is ready to hit the ground running with the new system.

And we’ll provide access to a transformation expert to oversee the project aligning your software change to your Digital and Business Strategy.

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Why can’t I just manage the project?

You’re a smart, capable person who’s used to taking on responsibility to drive the business.

”Your time costs money, elevate yourself to decision maker and bring an IT project manager to get it done.”

Simon Middleyard,
Senior Project Manager

Case Studies

Frame 7 (15)
Bettys and Taylors Group

Implementing a large-scale technological transformation programme with ERP implementation

“We did an assessment that showed any one user working on their daily activities was across three to four systems.”

Top (6)

Fluid rescued a failing Training Management System (TMS) and conducted a
system ‘spec and select’

“Having technical knowledge to help us understand what was achievable allowed us to focus on what would make a difference in the right amount of time.”

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