Technology & Operational
diligence combined

A new diligence offering for the lower & mid-market. Our combined offering delivers an operational viewpoint alongside technology risks and opportunities, to bring unparalleled value creation insight. All without a substantial increase in the burden placed on the management team

"Its been an absolute pleasure working with Fluid on this technology and operational diligence review, the Fluid team have been brilliant, and we felt they really listened to us and worked with us to develop a roadmap that addresses what this business really needs"

Jackie Lindsay,
CEO Routes Healthcare
A Palatine Investment

Our holistic technology & operational diligence approach assesses the end to end value chain

Value chain analysis model

Value chain analysis model

Benefits of a review

  • Understand key processes, operations, risks and cost base
  • Identify performance gaps and improvements
  • Map business and financial assumptions to operating model to assess achievability
  • Stress test operational dependencies
  • Establish & evaluate operational process KPIs aligned to business strategy
  • Evaluate operational synergies from M&A / risks and dependencies for carve outs
  • Integrate IT and digital roadmap with an operational plan & financial model

“Fluid brings deep technical expertise, a commercial mindset and a practical focus.

We see them as a strategic partner for us going forward as we increasingly look to technology to create value across our portfolio”

Gareth Wilson, Portfolio Operations Director, Palatine

Fluid provides IT and Operational due diligence to Palatine on their investment into Routes Healthcare

Strategic digital transformation partner to Palatine Private Equity, Fluid focuses on how technology can deliver value and enable business growth.

Typical outputs from a combined diligence

Outcome based recommendations

Outcome based recommendations

Integrated technology & operational roadmap

Integrated technology & operational roadmap

Operating model and process maps with KPIs and data baselines

Operating model and process maps with KPIs and data baselines

We partner with Private Equity throughout the investment lifecycle


  • Data analytics / AI for opportunity identification
  • Origination software implementation


  • Exit diligence using our technology diligence framework
  • Rapid issue remediation
  • Data and analytics to support the sale memorandum
Investment Cycle


  • Ongoing operational reporting and KPIs
  • VCP programme assurance & progress reports
  • Digital and IT surgeries for portfolio
  • Continual technology environment scanning
  • Digital transformation as-a-service


  • Combined operational and technology diligence
  • Technology diligence
  • Value creation planning support


  • Elaborating the digital and ops roadmap into a deliverable, prioritised plan for growth
  • Digital transformation-as-a-service
  • Project management supporting the VCP
  • Business intelligence, data and integration
  • New system selection & Implementation
  • Fractional IT leadership

Who we work with


Case Studies

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Group 53

IT due diligence and business roadmap with the UK's leading cycle industry distributor ZyroFisher

Tom Ainscough profile pic circle 1

“I really appreciated getting a full picture, from an unbiased perspective, of where the business was in terms of the risks and opportunities”

Frame 7 (25)
Group 54

Checkmate Fire integrates systems, streamlines processes and enables performance reporting with FluidIT

John (1)

"This is the start of a long term relationship with a partner that understands what is important to our business, as well as being nice people”